My Story

I am proud of what I make!

I was graduated from our hometown University in 1996, and my major was Leather Cafting. After graduated from University, I worked as a leather crafter in our local Sino-French joint venture leather goods factory. After many years of hard working, I learned all kinds of leather crafting skills. 

Since 2002, the French boss hired me to run a leather studio, which mainly create leather wallets, bags, accessories, etc. During the 14 years, I work with love and passion. I LOVE all kinds of leather crafts, I am very happy to make leather to be any kind of crafts and arts. 

In 2016, I decided to run my own leather studio, then I quit that job, and run my own leather studio at my home. I always have a belief/faith that I want to make the leather goods to fit our life and needs very well. I think all the leather goods have its own life and temperature. The leather will change with time like human being. I will constantly upgrade the leather goods designs to fit our life and needs perfectly!

Thanks for your supports!



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